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The story behind my cover

Deciding on a book cover is a big thing. In today’s world, where literary hundreds of books are published every day, it is often only a small cover icon that is visible to the readers. A good cover is crucial, and the decision whether to click on the book or not is often made solely based on the cover design. Or the impression one gets when looking at it.

As a debuting author, I was facing a big dilemma whether I should go for a cover design that is typical for my genre, as many blogs and handbooks for beginner authors advise, or take the risk and go the other way… I had a vague idea of how the cover should look, or to be more precise — I felt it. I even searched through several stock inventories, trying to find an appropriate image.

And then, one day, I was sitting on my balcony and looking at the sea. At one point, I closed my eyes, and then I saw an image of circles emerging from within. They were gold and seemed to be perfect to capture the idea of ever-expanding timelines. As we know from quantum physics, time is not linear, and everything happens simultaneously but on different frequencies. Or in different dimensions. This seemed to be a perfect theme for the cover of my novel, which features time travel and other phenomena regarded as paranormal.

I slowly got up to collect my canvas, brushes, and paint. I like playing with paints, applying thick layers, and forming them into various shapes. It’s a little bit like carving. Or decorating a cake. The whole process took me the rest of the morning. The result is my cover image. I decided to take the risk and go off the beaten path. Or go the other way. I must say I’m quite satisfied with it. And what do you think? Please feel free to let me know.