“The Echo of Time” series

“Normal is quite overrated nowadays, don’t you think? Paranormal sounds much better.”

The Echo of Time is a series about love, self-discovery, and going beyond what is regarded as normal, acceptable, or even possible.
It is a story of a young couple who start experiencing things that don’t fit into what we normally expect in life. Crossing the boundaries of time, matter, and the ordinary, they suddenly find themselves in a new, extended reality where old views and beliefs on life don’t work any more. As time passes, or expands, the characters have to redefine them, especially since not following the energy and sticking to the old may be life-threatening… Reading signs and cosmic messages becomes part of their daily lives now. Where does that lead them? To uncovering who they really are and discovering how things work.

Powerfully emotional and subtle, but at the same time humorous and surprising.

A truly captivating story of love and self-discovery.

On their path, V. and Alex meet friends, spiritual guides, and beings who offer them help, guidance, and protection. This is their new world – a world where magic and quantum physics turn out to be practically the same… Life has never been more surprising and amazing. Yet, it requires staying open, integrating the changes, and taking bold decisions often against logic or reason. This is transformation and development.

Energetic novels

Have you ever heard about energetic paintings? They are not only beautiful, but they emanate positive energy into the room they are in. And this energy influences positive changes in the lives of the people who look at them.

Energetic novels have similar characteristics. On the surface, they look like any other book, but they can be life-changing. They do not only offer entertainment but also inspire and provide leads to paths of self-discovery. This is not just ordinary fiction, but a lot more…

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